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The Look. The Life.

I am not located in Paris or New York, styling behind the scenes at Fashion Week. Where I am, is here. I have everyday experiences with clientele from all over. Hair fashion is a universal language that is an extension of who I am. It is based on my third culture–someone who’s had enough experience living in two different places, that they belong to both and neither at the same time. 

The third culture has exposed me to various textures, curl patterns, and colors. As a hairstylist, there is nothing better than being an artist that can revitalize hair by infusing culture, education, and fashion.

For you, I want to design an aesthetic that is versatile for any occasion. Together we will create an individualized look; crafted to define your confidence. This opportunity to create, stems from a place that is diverse. I believe there are many ways to create art; hair is art. I’m an artist. Therefore, I choose to use your hair as my medium.

The Look. The Life.