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Every year about this time the sun rises a little later and sets just a little bit sooner. As the bright sunny days of summer step aside to make way for the cooler autumn temperatures, it’s a good time to take stock of that hair color you’ve been wearing all summer and check out the fall 2021 hair color trends, see now is the time to change things up.

While the leaves on the trees don’t make nearly as dramatic a change as in the northeast, you can still be inspired by the changing seasons when looking to do something different up top. When checking out fall hair trends, the fact of the matter is picking your best hair color really is a matter of what you yourself like. If you think you can rock it, you can!

That being said, it’s fall and certain colors just hit harder this time of year. So whether you were thinking of going for a big change or just looking to spice things up a little, here are a few trending ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Choose one that inspires you and partner with NizaLideo to bring out this season’s new you.

Chocolate Ombré

When you’re starting with chocolate brown hair, you know you’ve got choices. First, there are quite a few flavors of chocolate to work with. From dark chocolate to raspberry tinted.
However, as nice as a base chocolate is, winter is coming and you don’t have to limit yourself to a simple monotone look. Embrace your dark locks and take things up a notch. Transitioning from a dark mocha base into bronze chocolate ends will keep that vibrant feel throughout the cool months.

Hazelnut Balayage

Hazelnut hair is one of the most captivating fall 2021 hair color trends if you are partial to darker hair tones. To get the ultimate flattering look, talk with NizaLideo about using a variety of browns and coppery or golden undertones. This shade will give your hair body and a healthy sheen while also adding depth to your look.

Ash Brown

With Ash Brown, we’re looking to turn down the temperature a little. Those with cool undertones look stunning with this shade of brown hair, which is a shimmering natural color created by mixing brown and silver.
Quite frankly, this hue looks good on everyone but because it’s a cool-toned brown, it will look especially good if you have a fair to medium skin tone.

Tortoiseshell Balayage

Another great way to liven up monotone browns is with a Tortoiseshell Balayage look. Tortoiseshell is a warm-toned shade that gives brunettes a fresh new look. Tortoiseshell hair has dark undertones with hints of honey, caramel, and gold shimmer.
While we’re mentioning Balayage here, the Tortoiseshell look–think those good-looking sunglasses, can be achieved using babylights, and ombré for a nice low-maintenance fall look.

Balayage Money Piece

If you haven’t considered this face-framing technique before, carrying it into the fall season could be the time. The beauty of this look is it’s so versatile and works with so many different colors and complexions. However, our fall recommendation is for clients who want to hold onto their natural color or are thinking of taking full-on dark brown into the season.
The Money Piece gives you the freedom to flex on your dark stands while still adding a touch of lightness around the face. Options? Yes, definitely. This look works with quite a few hairstyles from long to short and with so many hair colors from honey to dark chocolate.

If any of these fall color trends have piqued your interest, NizaLideo has you covered, simply schedule your complimentary consultation to get you ready to step into the fall season with beautifully colored coils.